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Hotpod Yoga


Hot Potatoes! | Review of Hotpod Yoga, Jozi


About Hotpod Yoga:Hotpod yoga is literally all in the name: Yoga, in a Pod, which is very very Hot.

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Beloved Yoga With A Live DJ Vol. 2 | Room with a View Review


About Beloved Yoga With A Live DJ Vol. 2:
Beloved Yoga host different types of yoga events just like this one. They organise yoga retreats and events all around town and even in exotic locations such as Zanzibar.

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air yoga johannesburg

Who needs the Circus? | First-Timers Review of Air-Yoga Joburg

About Air-Yoga:
Air-Yoga, as I have discovered, is a swinging experience.. If you have always dreamt of joining a circus, this is definitely the grown up way of doing just that. I joined a class last week and got to hang out in my own fabric hammock and swing and tumble around like I was 5 years old, without being scared of falling on my face (..again).

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5 tips to choose a yoga retreat

Welcome to the island of pleasure.. 5 tips for choosing a yoga retreat


I recently attended my very first yoga retreat. I saw an ad on Facebook, thought: “how lovely”, accepted, signed up and went… aaaand that was my biggest mistake!

If you have never attended a retreat before, I have 5 tips for choosing a yoga retreat that could help you search for a retreat that will really suit you and ensure that you get what you are looking for from the event.

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Happy Puppy Concepts

It was exactly a year ago that I decided to try something different with my life…

For years I have been grinding away in the advertising industry, working long, hard hours on different types of brands constantly trying to innovate and excel when I was retrenched (like so many other ad people). It was traumatic, I wont lie, but in the bigger scheme of things this little shake up made me think about my own life and what I would really like to do.

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