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About Beloved Yoga With A Live DJ Vol. 2:
Beloved Yoga host different types of yoga events just like this one. They organise yoga retreats and events all around town and even in exotic locations such as Zanzibar.

A large group of yogis gathered on Saturday to simply have fun. We weren’t forced to compete or try and push our practice to the max. We just had a good time and enjoyed the happy vibes and good music. There was face painting, dancing and laughter as we practiced without taking ourselves too seriously.

Although I haven’t been to a Beloved Yoga event before, it did feel kind of familiar having been to other yoga classes at Shine studios in the past. Its a great venue and holds enough space to get a good crowd going. That said, I have yet to attend a class at Shine studios with good quality sound, the venue just doesn’t allow it. It is very unfortunate as this event had awesome music and the effort to combine little dance sequences into the yoga class would have had much better impact with good sound to accompany it.

Aimée Barnes took the class on Sat 20 Feb. She has an amazing energy and presence and her class was really enjoyable. I loved her free spirit. I look forward to a class with her in a smaller group environment. I think she will be just fabulous.

Aimée takes classes at different studios in Johannesburg and also hosts retreats and special events. Her next retreat is in Zanzibar in July.

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beloved yoga review

beloved yoga review

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