Happy Puppy Concepts

It was exactly a year ago that I decided to try something different with my life…

For years I have been grinding away in the advertising industry, working long, hard hours on different types of brands constantly trying to innovate and excel when I was retrenched (like so many other ad people). It was traumatic, I wont lie, but in the bigger scheme of things this little shake up made me think about my own life and what I would really like to do.

I figured that, I love the ad industry, I love puppies and I love yoga so why not combine my skills and interests to create a platform with which I can explore all of these things in one go.

And here it is… <insert ta-da sound> Happy Puppy Concepts

Whilst most of my blog posts will inevitably be about yoga, I will try and include some really cool marketing stuff too.

1) Marketing
If you have looked through the website, you would know that my experience lies in advertising, marketing, marketing strategy, sponsorships and events. I am currently consulting for one of the major banks in SA but am always looking for additional work from other clientele. I have been involved in really great campaigns and hope to keep working on them in the future. I have a huge network of creatives and suppliers of all marketing related disciplines and love to create the perfect fit for any campaign

2) Yoga
I just love yoga and how I can get away from the rest of the world when I am on my mat and I know, you know that feeling!

I am not a yoga teacher (maybe one day I will be) but I enjoy the practice and I would like to have some more fun with it.. The problem is just discipline. I need someone to hold me accountable and that’s why I am looking to you.. I plan on visiting different studios and teachers to experience their different styles and review them for you right here. In addition to that, I will bring teachers to you too at really cool venues around Jozi. Learning more about yoga in the process would be awesome too, so I will try to find some interesting stuff that we can learn together.

If you have any suggestions of event venues, teachers or studios you would like featured, please contact me through the website or email (info@happypuppy.co.za) or any of the social media channels listed below.

In the mean time, check out @laurasykora on Instagram. I have been following her for a while now and she has been a total inspiration. She went from being a normal working mom to a wonderful yoga teacher. My blog cover image illustrates the achievement of her work/yoga balance. Proof that we can all get there if we just keep it up. Click here to view this Instagram account.

I hope to see you soon!