Hot Potatoes! | Review of Hotpod Yoga, Jozi

Hot Potatoes! | Review of Hotpod Yoga, Jozi

About Hotpod Yoga:Hotpod yoga is literally all in the name: Yoga, in a Pod, which is very very Hot.

The class is quite small and not packed like sardines so there is space to move, which I love. In the pod, I could block out any distractions and just be present in the moment. Whilst in down dog and as the rivers of sweat ran down my neck and up my nose, I thought, enough! Im done.. But I wasn’t, and there was still 30mins left of the hour class. I guess the point is that if you are looking for a sweaty class, look no further. Not only did I get my yoga fix in, I did it whilst really getting a great workout. Classes are at a beginner to intermediate level so no headstands and crazy complicated balances here. Just a nice, friendly class that will leave you exhausted and feeling like you really worked hard.

Daniela de Bruyn is not only the founder of the SA Hotpod movement but also a great teacher. She has managed to pick up all of my cheats and correct them the very first class I attended with her. I have been to many of Daniela’s classes before and I must say, that every class is better than the last.

Whilst the pods are move-able, the Jozi pod is based in Greenside where there is also provides for access to stunning rooftop classes.

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