Who needs the Circus? | First-Timers Review of Air-Yoga Joburg

About Air-Yoga:
Air-Yoga, as I have discovered, is a swinging experience.. If you have always dreamt of joining a circus, this is definitely the grown up way of doing just that. I joined a class last week and got to hang out in my own fabric hammock and swing and tumble around like I was 5 years old, without being scared of falling on my face (..again).

The class was really small with only a few participants which meant that I had to book and pay way in advance to get a spot in the studio. We started off really slowly, and for a moment I thought that I may not get to experience the full swing of the class but once we started the flow sequence, it was loads of fun. The feeling of escaping gravity whilst in a safe cocoon is incredible! I really needed to engage my core with this form of yoga and it helped me re-connect with the right way of doing things. It highlighted all my cheats and challenged me with some of the back-bends and stretches required for movement in the hammock.

I think that it will also help me get over my fear of handstands. The last time I tried doing them, I ended up in hospital and now I am terrified. Doing handstands whilst suspended in the hammock helped me a lot. You can’t really fall but you still need to do the work to get into handstands which I think will aid in building strength for later. The class didn’t work me to a sweat but definitely increased my heart rate a bit. I would rate the level of the class as beginner-intermediate.

The best part of Air-Yoga for me was that not only did I get to take a nap at the end of the class, but I did it in my own private hammock-cocoon.. Its was wonderful!

Kevin Perlin took the class at Living Yoga and he was very patient with me as the newcomer while still challenging the other, more seasoned students. He gives great direction and details the poses and just how to do them safely. Kevin also teaches at Shakti Yoga and Aerial Yoga in Joburg.

Air Yoga operates from the Living Yoga studios in Illovo. The studio is very small. Booking seemed to be a bit cumbersome but really not too much effort in the end but if you are going to book, be sure to confirm your space.

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Rating of my first time Air-Yoga experience

Rating of my first time Air-Yoga experience


If you have any studios or teachers that you would like me to review, pop me a note at info@happypuppy.co.za.


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*Image courtesy of Air-Yoga Facebook page

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