Happy Puppy Concepts was created as a platform for marketing both on a consultation basis, as well as a 360 marketing co-lab.

We do advertising, marketing, strategy, sponsorship and events and hope to create a space where new ideas and collaborations of all different kinds can play.


Brands I have worked on in my career include:

client-absaAbsa Cape EpicAfricblackclient-bakersclient-canderelclient-cobraDanoneDurexclient-nedbankclient-ultra-mel



about me

The seed for Happy Puppy Concepts was born from the idea that I could create a space from where to extend my long standing client service background and strong project management skill set into a collaborative work space.

Here, I am free to utilise my strategic and brand knowledge built up through years of agency experience and incorporate it into my work as either a consultant, marketing partner or event owner. My advertising career has included varied retail brands as well as different banking institutions and other private and corporate companies and now incorporates an extensive network of partners with whom I collaborate.

This allows for Happy Puppy Concepts to create their own endeavors. The first of which being Happy Puppy Yoga which brings together sponsorships, eventing and a love for yoga.